About Brian

Creator. Craftsman. Trendsetter. That’s photographer Brian Reiser boiled down to his essence.A native of Montreal who’s now based in Toronto, Brian admits that his roots still carry an influence. “I’m a little offbeat, for sure,” he says. “Montreal’s a powerful convergence culture, where old and new collide. That experience has definitely shaped how I see things, which spills over into my work.”From edgy and eccentric through to plain playful or spot on the mark,

Brian’s not only got an eye for composition, detail and tone, but also the experienced versatility to put the extra in ordinary. “Once I’ve got a good sense of what the client wants, I make a point of giving them something more,” he says.That’s what sets Brian apart. The client not only gets first-rate product. They also get a first-class experience of working with an intuitive photographer who consistently strikes the right balance between service and intent. “I’m a problem solver. I listen to understand. I plan, I anticipate, and I try to stay a step ahead,” he says. “But I think what my clients appreciate most is that I am calm, responsive and resourceful during a shoot.”Perhaps it is, but his clients also appreciate that—whether it’s in the studio or on location—Brian Reiser delivers what his clients want, only better..